The foyer is the catch-all place for shoes, purses, wallets, keys, and spare change. While it should be an attractive space that sets the precedent for the rest of your home, it is often a cluttered and forgotten area.
When you have a foyer with a tall ceiling, a chandelier is an ideal lighting option.  You can brightly light up the entrance to offer a well-lit entry for guests, plus they can look fabulous.
aatol industral Vintage chandelier10
However, if you have a lower ceiling, a chandelier is not the best ceiling light option because you don’t want your guests to walk into the light upon entering your home.
Like with most lighting options, what works best for your room/home largely depends on each individual space.aatol luxury crystal chandelier4-1000x1000 
Below is our foyer chandelier gallery to give you an idea of what different types of chandeliers look like in various foyer designs.